Mr & Mrs Freund of Norton Lodge, Cheltenham


"We have had a busy 4 weeks here with John & Mark digging, cementing and grinding. My goodness they work hard (in between the tea & coffee)!! They have been a pleasure to have around, and we have been so grateful for the general care that John has extended to us. The work they have done is excellent and we are thrilled with the results so far.
Now we can see your designs in real time, we appreciate what a wonderful job you have made of transforming our difficult garden. The whole concept is magnificent, it just flows, and also makes everywhere appear larger and more opulant.
The decking area looks a little sparse at present, so we trying to source a bistro table & chairs to place in front of the kitchen door and perhaps a large armchair to put by the settee.
Until the decking is tarted up we absolutely forbid you to take photographs, as I'm sure you will, but actually can't wait for you to come and see the fruits of your effort, once the planting is complete.
We can't convey how pleased we are. Many many thanks."


Mr Guerrier of Clifford Avenue, Tewkesbury


"The hard landscaping is complete and plants that needed to be removed have been taken out.  Most of the plants have arrived and two thirds of these have now been planted.  It does all look much better. I will take some photos and send them to you. When it is completed you are very welcome to pop round and have a look (and take photos for your portfolio if you want to)."


Mr & Mrs Stewart of Cross Farm House, Credenhill

Recommendation via Linkedin:-

"Lucy very quickly understood both what we liked and what would work. She had good ideas from the moment she walked through the gate. A lovely person to work with.
The presentation of her final design was very thoughtful and detailed. Just need a new garden now so we can do it all again!"


Mr & Mrs Kennaugh, Cheshunt

Recommendation via Linkedin:-

"Having seen Lucy's work at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2005 (she was project manager for Julian Dowle and won a Gold Medal and The People's Choice Award), we asked her to design our garden in Hertfordshire which, undoubtedly, sold our house (at full asking price!) in 2012. Lucy is now designing our new garden in North Devon and we look forward to working with her once again. We cannot recommend her highly enough."


Ms Dring of Oxford Street, Cheltenham

Christmas card greeting:-

"The garden still looks interesting, despite it being midwinter!"


Mr & Mrs Bradley of Pennymoor, Newbury

Christmas card greeting:-

"Garden still looking fine! A little frosty perhaps but we have enjoyed it so much over the year. Thank you once again."


Jonathan and Louise Sutton of Kempsey, Worcestershire

"Commissioning Lucy to  design our cottage garden was the most sensible step we took. Lucy incorporated the work we had already completed but went on to produce an imaginative and very livable garden that looks smashing. With her vision we could build the garden at our own pace knowing that we would not have to unbuild or replant anything. Definitely money very wisely spent"


Tanya Ratzer


"Hope you are well. I just got up to Copton Fields yesterday and wow the garden looks transformed!! That is even without the planting! Amazing how softened the house looks now on the landscape, really beautiful. It looks like a completely different place. Now bring on some warm sunshine."